The importance of a vintage watch; and its connection between Father and Son

Whether you’re living through a multiple decade tradition… or even starting one yourself, this type of heirloom is symbolic of the legacy a family tree creates. If you’re starting the tradition in your own household, pick a watch that’s representative of your style and preference as well as your interests. The watch should be symbolic of who you are, even more importantly what your family name represents.

One preferred route for acquiring a high-end watch to keep in the family is opting for a luxury [vintage] secondhand version. Alessandro Ciani has hundreds of high-end, yet rare and unique watches that may be the perfect fit for you and your family. The watch ought to be inscribed with the patina of a life well-lived, or actually engraved with initials, the household crest, or a brief message. The watch should be original and unique.

1955 Rolex Submariner

Simply be a mindful steward throughout your time as the proprietor. Honor the tradition and keep the watch in its original form; preferably with any accessories as well as paperwork. Make sure to always take care of it. Nevertheless, you’re only one member in a story that, ideally, will stretch across decades upon decades.

It Shows Duty and Class. It shows Responsibility.

Handing down a high-end vintage watch ignites several learning moments. The luxury piece’s mechanical construction requires consistent hand -winding and maintenance, demanding a high level of responsibility from member wearing it. It should be treated like an extension of the body. It is a modern day shield. A crest, a symbol.

Receiving and being handed down a watch from your dad, that is passed down from generation to generation should be looked at as winning a grand prize. You’re not just looking after this heirloom for yourself, you’re protecting it for the next generation.

It’s an Emotional, yet financial investment.

Acquiring your dad’s watch, no matter how much it is worth, is both a lifelong incentive as well as a new responsibility. Something to treasure and take care of. This, of course, makes it one of those moments that you check off as being influential – whether that’s leaving for university or landing that dream job; getting that heirloom watch can be a stepping stone to the confidence that will lift ones soul to new heights.

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