I have always believed, through all my years as a vintage watch specialist and aficionado, that extreme quality is what makes a watch truly valuable. There may be a thousand multiples of an exact same model, but when it comes to vintage every single one will be different from the other: better examples, worst examples and, with all likelihood, very, very few exceptional examples. To me condition is the perfect balance between wear, patina and aging: these define the unique personality of a particular watch and determine its “magic.” You can find that in a watch that is still in new-old-stock condition as well as in the scruffiest beat-up survivor. I never shopped for price and always strived to buy only the extraordinary. It’s a philosophy that has always paid back myself and my clients and, as far as I am concerned, the founding principle at the base of any collection that is meant to be a wise investment.

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About Alessandro Ciani

Alessandro Ciani is a major player in the international vintage watch market scene since the late 80s. His name and business are known and appreciated among collectors and professionals worldwide. Originally based in Rome Italy, he lives and works now in Los Angeles, California. His original views on what makes a watch really special and a keen eye characterize his total dedication to the quest of top quality, uncompromised condition, high-end vintage timepieces makes him the ideal purveyor of exclusive and selected collectables for the demanding and discerning investor. Dealer, author and scholar, Alex Ciani has explored the vintage watch world in its every aspect and is acknowledged as being one of the world’s great experts in his field.

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