Alessandro Ciani Advisory and Consulting

I have always believed, through all my years as a vintage watch specialist and aficionado, that extreme quality is what makes a watch truly valuable.

Alessandro Ciani

Alessandro Ciani has over three decades of experience analyzing, advising and consulting, when it comes to luxury vintage watches. To this Rolex aficionado, there are many factors that go behind analyzing the style and customization of each individual watch.  

Alessandro has advised and consulted all throughout the world, especially in China and Europe, where most of his fan base resides. His roots in Rome have landed him in Los Angeles, where he spends most of his time studying and analyzing the details of these individual masterpieces.

His outspoken philosophy on the world of vintage watches continues to mark him as one of the most controversial, yet sophisticated individuals in the vintage watch community.

Alessandro ensures that each watch is carefully analyzed, and within each watch, their are hundreds of different components. Rolex uses steel that nobody else uses. But of course there are specifics within the watch itself, and that is where Alessandro comes in.

Just as Rolex has its own science lab in Geneva, Alessandro does as well. The devices and instruments he uses to dig deep and look at the watches is truly breathtaking. It’s not only the analysis, but also knowing the history behind each individual element is what makes the consulting so much more.

Searching for the right rolex vintage watch consultant can be daunting. There are specific details within the watch that not anyone can catch. For example, rolex’s use a machine steel that looks much nicer than what most watches use. This type of steel was changed in 2003, which made their entire steel production move to a 904L steel. Of course, in the late 80’s, this type of steel was first created, by only having a few versions of the Sea-Dweller.

Just like Rolex, Alessandro uses the experience of his knowledge and hands, in comparing and contrasting each individual vintage piece – and just like Rolex, Alessandro gives each watch all the hands-on attention it deserves.

The thought of purchasing a watch just because it is vintage, is completely out of the direction and philosophy for Alessandro.

This world renowned vintage watch expert has his own take on some of the world’s most prized possessions. He is out spoken, and knows the vintage watch world like the back of his hand.

Consulting not Collecting

It is important to understand that Alessandro is in the business of vintage watch consulting and advising. There are sellers and watch dealers out there that are obsessed with collecting. Not to say that holding on to a few prized watches is not what he does, but having an array of watches is not what is part of Alessandro’s itinerary. 

“Sometimes, letting go, is the highest form of love.” This is the philosophy that Alessandro goes by. Though when keeping a beautiful piece, it would be perhaps a platinum Rolex Day-Date 18206 with a grey dial, or even a gold Rolex Submariner ref 16618 with a blue dial.