Vintage Watch Appeal

The last 5 years have seen major improvements in the ability to buy and sell vintage watches online. General interest in these classic timepieces has also risen in the recent years as these luxury goods and the information about their histories & value has become more widespread with social media.


Luxury Vintage

Watches on the Rise

there is still no industry wide definition as to what qualifies as vintage when it comes to watches. Some collectors believe that anything pre 1980’s is vintage while others use a 25 or 50-year marker to define the boundaries. The one thing that nearly all collectors can agree upon is that every vintage watch has its own unique history. Every vintage watch has withstood the test of time differently and this can be seen in the patina of each particular timepiece.


Unique Past

These watches are not just traded and worn for their rarity, age, aesthetics, or value but are also appealing because they connect us to the culture & people of another time. They give us a look into a unique past that we can find nowhere else. 

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Luxury Vintage

Valuable Vintage Watches in Los Angeles

Vintage watches can be valued at thousands to millions of dollars each, but not every old watch has extraordinary value. If you were to go to a flea market and scoop up a handful of cheap, barely-functioning Bulova watches from the 50’s, most likely all you would have is a handful of old watches with nothing of real value.

Collecting vintage watches requires an understanding of the makes, styles, and rare manufacturer modifications that really add value to each timepiece. Even with the most well-known models, minor differences that may be unnoticeable to the untrained eye can add or detract thousands of dollars from the value of a vintage watch.

For example, the value of different watches from the same line of 1957 Rolex Submariner watches varies drastically. Most of the watches from this model and year are typically only worth a few thousand dollars, but those that were made in the 3rd quarter of the year had a red colored bezel and are worth close to $30,000 in the current market. This seemingly small difference in color adds thousands to the value because of its rarity & appeal compared to the standard model of that year. 

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Valuable Imperfections

Similarly to fine art or classic cars, originality is king when it comes to vintage watches. Scratches or imperfections along the case surface typically add value to its history. The timepieces that have never had their cases repolished sell for even more than their counterparts as their patina is able to fully display the history of their journey through the decades. Polishing also wears down the crisp, original edges that were manufactured into the case, reducing its originality and potentially destroying the value when compared to an unmodified equivalent.

In recent years, the advent of social media has revolutionized the way that collectors share information about vintage watches. Additionally, the vast amount of information that is now readily available through these channels has helped many more people realize their interest in vintage watches & has helped the market continue to grow as a whole.

Where Can I Find Vintage Watches in Los Angeles?

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Regardless of where you choose to go to buy a vintage watch, the most important thing you can do before going to shop is doing your research. Taking the proper time to learn about the different types of vintage watches that are available on the market & why each of them has value will help you avoid the minefield that many novice collectors run into when first starting off.