What makes a Rolex so special?

Out of all the watch brands out there (e.g. Patek Phillipe, Audemars Piguet, Tag Heuer, Hublot, etc.), Rolex stands out distinctively as having a very special, yet specific aesthetic. Not only are they elegant and world renown in its class, they are sporty, active and more importantly considered “tool watches.” In fact, that is how they originally started. In the 1950’s, Rolex came out with the Submariner, the Milgauss and the GMT. They were all designed to be used as tools.

So when you look at it from that angle, that is their main target – and in fact that is how Rolex is known for even to this day.

How interesting is that? They started off as tool watches back in the day, and now have turned into luxury watches.

“Of the main Rolex collection of gold bands, the 20 mm. Oyster is the hardest one to source.” -A. Ciani

Some of Rolex’s lower priced watches, such as the Submariner, has three qualities that still help keep it above ground when comparing to other watches. These qualities being that they are: self-winding, precision and waterproof.

More importantly, the fact that it takes about a year for the watch to be made shows how much they focus on quality.

Nice Rolex Submariner ref 5512 with open minute track four lines gilt dial, comes with original warranty, chronometer certification and instructions. Right from 1966! – A. Ciani

The testing is quite intense, along with the other variables they run through: accuracy, chronometer, and most importantly – timing.

The watch is tested so many times, including the clasp, so if you can be rest assured it won’t break when you get it.

If you take care of it accordingly and have it serviced properly. Or more importantly – restored by someone that understands the very specific details behind it. Then most likely you can relish in its infinite glory. In other words, reap the benefits of what makes a rolex so special.

One of the nicest things about Rolex is that anyone can wear them. They are made to be quite unisex and that is what makes them quite intriguing and refreshing. Since a lot of female watches carry diamonds and such, it makes it hard for men to wear them. Rolex watches carry the distinct feature of being presentable to both male and female.

At this point, you can say… “What makes a Rolex so special is that if you take care of this ‘prize of a watch’ properly… restore it when necessary… you win. Now you’re in a position where you can pass this treasure down to generation after generation, since ultimately it now can last you beyond a lifetime.”

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  1. AJ says:

    Interesting read. But as a serious watch connoisseur, you don’t buy that story that it takes Rolex 1 year to build a single watch. Maybe when its being developed, RandD, etc. Most of the process is automated. Please leave that story line for novices.

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