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Rolex Day-Date Ref. 1803

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    When I started getting into watches in the early eighties, there were basically two Rolex watches that would make a real status symbol: the Datejust in steel and gold, on the wrist of the young and wealthy, and the Day-Date, the true icon of the succesful businessman. Times have changed, and these objects appear naive compared to the super-expensive timepieces of the new rich. But their consistency seem to make them real bargains at today’s prices, and now more than ever we get a lot of watch for the money. With an unusual five-minute track, this is a perfect example.

    Case – In 18k yellow with fluted bezel
    Movement – Automatic, Rolex caliber 1556
    Dial – Champagne, with 5 minute track
    Band – Original and year matching Rolex 18K President band

    Summary (Brand, Model, Reference, Serial #, Year, Size, Price)
    Oyster Perpetual Day-Date
    Ref. 1803
    36 mm.
    $ 9,500

    Unpolished Case
    Great Condition
    Rare Five-Minute Track Dial
    Original President Band


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