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Universal Geneve Compur, Isotta Fraschini

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    This UG chronograph is not only stunning, but in absoutely out of this world conditions, especially considered its age. Still sporting its original leatcher starp and buckle, it has very likely never been worn. Case mint and unpolished, dial flawless. On top of this, the back is engraved with the Isotta Fraschini logo, the world renowned – especially back in the day – automobile factory. This suggests that this watch was probably a presentation gift from the factory to a sales representative. I would also assume it wasn’t about the car business –Rudolph Velentino used to drive an Isotta Fraschini – but more likely about pre-war airplane engines industry.

    Case – In 18K gold, fixed strap bars
    Movement – Universal Geneve
    Dial – Silvered, two registers caliber 285 chronograph
    Band – Original leather strap and buckle from the day the watch was retailed!

    Summary (Brand, Model, Reference, Serial #, Year, Price)
    Universal Geneve
    1938 circa
    36 mm.
    $ 8,500

    Incredible Condition
    Unpolished Case
    Isotta Fraschini Signature
    Original Strap and Buckle
    Rare Model

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