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  • Rolex Submariner poster
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Rolex, An Original Poster by Celestino Piatti

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    Celestino Piatti was a major Swiss graphic designer. His first international success came as a designer of posters. He designed more than five hundred, many of which won prizes. His works also included stamps for the Swiss post office, lithographs, woodcuts and linocuts, stained glass, murals and other paintings, ceramics and sculptures. A motif that runs through his entire work, is the owl, as a messenger of good luck or misfortune, or as a symbol of wisdom. In 1992 Piatti told a magazine: “You can draw an owl a thousand times, and never find out its secret”. Here is an original advertising poster commissioned by Rolex to promote the celebrated Submariner ref. 1680, printed in the mid 1970’s. Framed with museum archival quality standards and UV protective glass, this poster measures 128 x 90 cm ( 50,59 x 35,57 inches) plus frame.

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