A Man’s Cave

Looking at vintage watches from his very personal perspective, Alessandro Ciani focuses mainly on the “perfect balance” of their components in terms of aging, patina, preservation and even at the accessories that complement them, in order to come up with a complete picture to to contemplate. A deep connection with beauty, design, history and good taste is a key factor, and the environment whee this takes place on a daily basis certainly reflects the philosophy.

You may notice that most of the time, an office will have their standard break room, multiple cubicles, meeting room and of course, a lavatory. Pretty boring. Alessandro’s working space is a wide, open industrial like pace filled with a collection of eclectic, captivating vintage objects, not all necessarily related to the watch world. The excuse – standing to what he says – is that everything is for sale: but getting him to give a price for anything other than a watch is virtually impossible!

Open for private visits only over the last six years, the plans are to now move to something new that would make room for a one new idea. Where, he doesn’t know yet: we’ll see!

Want to visit? Contact him directly here to set up a date.

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