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Patek Philippe Steel Ref. 565, Military Dial

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    This 565, probably the most iconic steel Calatrava ever along with the 570, is one of the nicest ones I’ve ever had. The case is still massive and has all it original angles still vivid, it comes with its original dust cover and has a beautiful engraving on the back that says: “As Time Goes By”. Possibly something to do with the movie Casablanca? For a fact, this watch was originally retailed in the US, as confirmed by the retailer’s signature on the dial, Black, Star and Gorham, an historical PP retailer in NYC. To ice the cupcake, this dial with large radium numerals – confirmed by the archive – is one of five only appeared to the market so far.

    Case – Stainless steel, screw back with dust cover
    Movement – Manual, Patek Philippe calibre 12-120
    Dial – Silvered with radium numerals, double signed
    Band – US Made stamped calf leather strap by Attila Aszodi

    Summary (Brand, Model, Reference, Serial #, Year, Size)
    Patek Philippe
    35 mm.

    Excellent conditions
    Rare Dial Configuration
    Double Signed
    Rare Retailer’s Signature

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