Jeep Wrangler

One of the cars I have  though  being cool as no other since my childhood is definitely the legendary Jeep. Its bold, apparently eternal, design calls for masculinity, fearless spirit of adventure and the unlimited horizons of the outdoors… even if it turns out a lot of soccer moms actually drive one, and on narrow city streets at that. Nonetheless, a Jeep has been on my bucket list for many years, and I did finally fill the blank in the summer of 2013, picking this “Willys” limited edition, a tribute to its military ancestor. I still own it, and probably will for many years to come: just another toy I need access now and then, both in winter days when I drive it as you see it in this picture, and in the summer, when I can ride it to the beach completely open, even without doors!

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Jeep Wrangler "Willys"

Needles to say, this car offers a peculiarly uncomfortable ride, a minor issue compared, however” to the forever cool looks that come with it. As I said, I had been waiting for my turn to own a jeep at some point and when the “Willys” edition was first presented to the market I reckoned my time had come. The Jeep brand belongs to Chrysler, and Chrysler belongs to FIAT, the all-Italian car manufacturer. Yet respecting the traditional design of this fantastic car, with the new ownership many improvements have been made, starting of course with celebrating the legendary history and design of the vehicle with a new, intensified attention for every possible style details, and with incredible, and badly needed, improvements in terms of comfort, performance , choice of optionals and mileage.