Insights on the Patek Philippe Ref. 1463 – OM Magazine Issue 14



In my opinion the finest chronograph wristwatch of all times. I initially thought to collect several images that represent the round pushers in different metals or with the most interesting dials. In the end I decided to focus your attention primarily on one, a classic yellow dial with tachometer and gold Breguet indexes.  Read More

Luxury Techniques – Cloisonné Dials – OM Magazine Issue 12


Since my debut in the world of vintage watches as a passionate collector even before that as a professional, enamel decorated dials have always exerted an irresistible charm on me, which promptly turned into a real passion. I’ve collected a fair amount of these watches over the years, including the two represented in these pages, and I started when they were still considered nothing more then mere curiosity among collectors and dealers at the time. Read More

Solo Rolex – OM Magazine Issue 11

It is nowadays impossible not to perceive the increasing importance on niche collecting, and I think it’s about time to carefully evaluate the phenomenon from both an historical and economical perspective.  Read More