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Welcome to my website, everyone. Please feel welcome to browse among the different categories of objects that fire up my passion, tirelessly searched around the globe and meticulously selected following one and only obsessive goal: enjoying the best of the best. As I always thought while dealing in vintage watches for many years, extreme quality is what makes an object truly valuable. I never shopped for price, and always strived to take home something really out of the ordinary. It’s a philosophy that has punctually paid back and, as far as I am concerned, the founding principle at the base of any collection that is meant to be, as much as possible, a smart investment. I also added room for watch accessories as well as other fantastic items that, along with their incredibly talented creators deserve, to my point of view, respectful attention. In other words: welcome to my world.

About Alessandro Ciani

Alessandro Ciani is a major player on the international vintage watch market scene since the late 80’s. His name and business are known and appreciated among collectors and professionals worldwide. Originally based in Rome Italy, where he is still operational, he lives and works now in Los Angeles, California. His total dedication to the quest of top quality, uncompromised condition, high-end vintage timepieces makes him the ideal purveyor of exclusive and selected collectables for the demanding and discerning investor.